A Defence of Difficult Art

Introduction Wow! To address the elephant in the room, it’s been over half a year since my last post. Calling this slacking off is the understatement of the century! It’s been a particularly busy half a year; I’ve recently moved and I was suffering from a severe back pain which was preventing me from spending … Read more A Defence of Difficult Art

Top 10 Kunstlieder


Ah yes – the Kunstlied. One of the most popular genres in classical music. Often associated with the Romantic period, their lyrical, contemplative nature is ideal to brood over the beginning of Autumn. Here are my top 10. A Kunstlied (German for ‘Artistic song’) is a poem set to classical music. Unlike the traditional Lied … Read more Top 10 Kunstlieder

The Artist and the Importance of Tradition


With the still strong notion of being new and surprising at all costs, many a contemporary artist may find it uncomfortable tackling the problem of how to handle tradition. Throw it out of the window? Embrace it? In this post we’ll consider several aspects. Turner Prize 2018 In 2018, I had the pleasure of being … Read more The Artist and the Importance of Tradition

What Types Of Creative Artists Are There?


In a world with an overabundance of art, it can often be difficult to find a starting point to look for something special. What do you seek if you’re an emerging artist looking for inspiration? Who should you start to read or listen to if you wish to educate yourself in the world of art? … Read more What Types Of Creative Artists Are There?