What Types Of Creative Artists Are There?


In a world with an overabundance of art, it can often be difficult to find a starting point to look for something special. What do you seek if you’re an emerging artist looking for inspiration? Who should you start to read or listen to if you wish to educate yourself in the world of art? … Read moreWhat Types Of Creative Artists Are There?

How Useful Are Classifications?

Renaissance, Romanticism, Modernism: we often label any given movement, artist or work according to an overreaching label for the sake of classification. But how useful are these terms, if at all? How much authority should be given to them? It’s 2nd August 1492. Two farmers meet, somewhere in Spain, after a hard day’s labour. The … Read moreHow Useful Are Classifications?

Art for art’s sake: James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Aesthete. Idiosyncratic charmer who had a habit of making enemies. Sometimes friend of Oscar Wilde’s. Sometimes impressionist, sometimes advocate of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. James Abbott McNeill Whistler had a large range of sources and reformed his style many times throughout his career. But what makes his art so appealing to this day? Like so many … Read moreArt for art’s sake: James Abbott McNeill Whistler