What is inspiration?

Even though this might not be the most inspired of blog entries itself, I feel as though a few things need to be said about this topic, if just to clarify some of the most common tips on writing we read every day. We all know the contrast between the common misconception of the artist’s … Read more

Why the Artist doesn’t Matter

Thinking about this topic as the foundation for another post, I was wondering where to start. It could end up being annoyingly ‘academic’ – especially considering big names such as Roland Barthes (The Death of the Author) or Michel Foucault (What is an Author) dominate the discussion. But I don’t want to bore you. Or … Read more

Exploring the Ugly – Impressions of the Millennium Mills

Silvertown is, without a doubt, one of London’s strangest districts. Walking through East Silvertown, you still feel the working-class roots bubbling beneath the surface of an otherwise increasingly gentrified capital, always with the odd odour from the Tate & Lyle sugar factory penetrating your nostrils, even though the area’s industry is becoming more dominated by … Read more

Top 10 Moments in Opera

Having a passion for a topic – any topic – is a wonderful thing. Indulging in the pleasures of your field gives you the opportunity to get lost in the excessive emotion you might feel, whether it be scenic, sonic, verbal, or in a combination of various perceptive elements. People with a passion for dancing … Read more

10 Tips on How to Read (and understand) Poetry

Flashy, fast-paced and noisy TV shows, films, video games and more dominate our daily intake of entertainment. Coupled with that is the quick exchange of ideas on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Reading, by contrast, is a slow pastime; letting the sentences conjure up a vivid picture in your head can seem particularly … Read more