Beauty in Death: Visiting Keats’ Grave


What do you do when you know your life is going to be cut short? Or worse: what do you do when you’re dying and you believe the thing you cared most about is worthless? John Keats (1795-1821) was an utterly tragic figure. Scolded for his poetry during his lifetime, he contracted tuberculosis at an … Read more

A Reading of H.D.’s ‘Evening’

H.D. Evening

Evening The light passes from ridge to ridge, from flower to flower – the hypaticas, wide-spread under the light grow faint – the petals reach inward, the blue tips bend toward the bluer heart and the flowers are lost.   The cornel-buds are still white, but shadows dart from the cornel-roots – black creeps from … Read more

What is inspiration?

Even though this might not be the most inspired of blog entries itself, I feel as though a few things need to be said about this topic, if just to clarify some of the most common tips on writing we read every day. We all know the contrast between the common misconception of the artist’s … Read more

Why the Artist doesn’t Matter

Thinking about this topic as the foundation for another post, I was wondering where to start. It could end up being annoyingly ‘academic’ – especially considering big names such as Roland Barthes (The Death of the Author) or Michel Foucault (What is an Author) dominate the discussion. But I don’t want to bore you. Or … Read more

Exploring the Ugly – Impressions of the Millennium Mills

Silvertown is, without a doubt, one of London’s strangest districts. Walking through East Silvertown, you still feel the working-class roots bubbling beneath the surface of an otherwise increasingly gentrified capital, always with the odd odour from the Tate & Lyle sugar factory penetrating your nostrils, even though the area’s industry is becoming more dominated by … Read more