How Useful Are Classifications?

Renaissance, Romanticism, Modernism: we often label any given movement, artist or work according to an overreaching label for the sake of classification. But how useful are these terms, if at all? How much authority should be given to them? It’s 2nd August 1492. Two farmers meet, somewhere in Spain, after a hard day’s labour. The … Read moreHow Useful Are Classifications?

Art for art’s sake: James Abbott McNeill Whistler


Aesthete. Idiosyncratic charmer who had a habit of making enemies. Sometimes friend of Oscar Wilde’s. Sometimes impressionist, sometimes advocate of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. James Abbott McNeill Whistler had a large range of sources and reformed his style many times throughout his career. But what makes his art so appealing to this day? Like so many … Read moreArt for art’s sake: James Abbott McNeill Whistler

It’s Christmas – Get into the spirit with these top reads

At long last, it’s Christmas. Time for mince pies, Christmas pudding, mulled wine – and heart-warming Christmas tales from across the centuries. Here’s a list of some of the best to get you right in the mood. I’m not going to lie: I love Christmas. From the seasonal food and drink to the bright-lighted decorations, … Read moreIt’s Christmas – Get into the spirit with these top reads

Ave Satani: The Devil in Literature

It goes without saying that Satan has fascinated humanity since… well, a very long time indeed. Representations of evil predate Christianity’s version by millennia, and some devils are consequently heavily inspired by pre-Christian tradition. The most fascinating aspect of him is probably that there are so many variations. But what are the coolest most haunting … Read moreAve Satani: The Devil in Literature