How to read a difficult novel

You’re stuck with a difficult novel, either because you wish to improve yourself or because your university or school requires you to read it? Follow these tips to get to grips with it! When reading classical literature, it’s often the casethat a particular text may feel impenetrable. The language may be old-fashioned, the syntax complex, … Read more

It’s How You Say It: Top Essay Writing Tips

Writing an essay on a given topic – whether for school, university, or for any other reason – can often feel overwhelming. There are just too many things to keep in mind; too many things to pay attention to. These tips should give you a head-start in kicking off your next essay project. So, you’ve … Read more

To All Bookworms: Where To Get Your Next Fix


Is there anything better than the thrill of finding the next book that is going to engage your fantasy, teach you something new, or simply make your dull commute a bit more enjoyable? While reading is hardly the most expensive hobby out there, it certainly can feel rather costly if you buy the newest bestseller … Read more

What is inspiration?

Even though this might not be the most inspired of blog entries itself, I feel as though a few things need to be said about this topic, if just to clarify some of the most common tips on writing we read every day. We all know the contrast between the common misconception of the artist’s … Read more

Why the Artist doesn’t Matter

Thinking about this topic as the foundation for another post, I was wondering where to start. It could end up being annoyingly ‘academic’ – especially considering big names such as Roland Barthes (The Death of the Author) or Michel Foucault (What is an Author) dominate the discussion. But I don’t want to bore you. Or … Read more