Depicting suffering: Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

An inner drive towards greatness meets utter rejection from society. Let’s have a brief look at Vincent van Gogh’s infamous life, his struggles, and his ultimate victory. Today’s society regards Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) as one of the greatest painters who ever lived. He worked tirelessly and vigorously, producing over 2100 artworks within a single … Read more

A Reading of H.D.’s ‘Evening’

H.D. Evening

Evening The light passes from ridge to ridge, from flower to flower – the hypaticas, wide-spread under the light grow faint – the petals reach inward, the blue tips bend toward the bluer heart and the flowers are lost.   The cornel-buds are still white, but shadows dart from the cornel-roots – black creeps from … Read more

Translation and Reading of Gustav Mahler’s ‘Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde’ (‘The Drinking Song of the Earth’s Sorrow’)

Talk of flogging a dead horse. At times, life just likes to knock you down, spit on your face, and trample over your body. But even this metaphor cannot come close to what occurred to Gustav Mahler in the summer of 1907. The growing spirit of antisemitism forced him to resign as Director of the … Read more

Three Pre-Raphaelite Paintings

Ah yes. The year 1848. A time of unrest, of a growing gap between the rich and the poor. A time of many revolutionary groups throughout Europe declaring their fed-upness (that’s not a word) with the status quo, attempting to overthrow the previous political establishment. A revolutionary spirit was haunting the continent – mainly in … Read more